Stakbabber (2019)


Record Details

Post-punk, nouveau retro

Amsterdam post-punk band Stakbabber are releasing their second album, four years after their debut album Polarized. Present and past musically connected in ten songs, nouveau retro of the year 2019, made by the foursome of Mick Ness (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Rob van de Schootbrugge (guitar, keyboards), Rick Blom (bass) and Ollie Schmitz (drums).

The album has no title and that has been a deliberate choice, says Mick. “We kept on dodging the subject, until I decided to leave out the title altogether. That was a relief! Now everyone can get a feel for the songs, and maybe pick out one that represents the album for him or her. We also put more emphasis on the band name. Which doesn’t mean much at all, actually. But it sure is beautiful.”