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Stakbabber – Polarized

Mick Ness: “I am fascinated by the polar ice stories from before 29 December 1926 13.30 hours. These stories are very important in my life. The mysticism that’s to it: to be the first person that sets foot on barren soil. You’ve got to be obsessed to do that. When you read the stories about the polar explorers they all have something special. They really lived for that harsh and inhospitable world. There is something strange about that. To get under their skin, with lyrics and music, it’s like being one of them. In that insane world. The music we make forces me to find the right words, fitting the melody. Fitting the sound and the colouring of a song. It’s the sound of the polar ice, the wind, the dogs and the pony’s. Very imaginative. Very icy. That music is white as snow. And a certain point the words fit. Then it is just right. Then I am those stories. That’s beautiful. Like Polarized is now, like that album is as it is, it fits from North to South. All songs belong to eachother. It’s one integrated thing. One big story about the wonders of the polar expeditions, a monument for the ice men.”

Mick Ness – Vocals, guitar
Rob van de Schootbrugge – Guitar
Rick Blom – Bass guitar
Ollie Schmitz – Drums
Rudi de Graaff – Percussion


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