Amsterdam Post Punk band Stakbabber are releasing their second album, four years after their debut album Polarized. Present and past musically connected in ten songs, nouveau retro of the year 2019. Even more than Stakbabber’s debut, this album is danceable, with the almost industrial beat of Transvaluation, the laid-back swing of Humdrum, and the mid-tempo drive of She Hung Half-Mast. Stakbabber presents a sound with deep grooves, well thought-out arrangements and a production full of finesse.

Pinguin Radio: “The debut album was a blast already, but in all honesty it grows pale after listening to the successor. The tracks are deeper, darker and fuller. A great album. ”

Mick Ness – Vocals, guitar
Rob van de Schootbrugge – Guitar
Rick Blom – Bass guitar
Ollie Schmitz – Drums
Rudi de Graaff – Percussion

Fokbros – VJ


Het Huis Verloren

Hoorn, Nederland

Het Huis Verloren Kerkstraat 10
Hoorn, 1621 CW

Stakbabber will present it's new album in Het Huis Verloren. DJ Bert Laan will entertain before and after the show.

Cinetol (in cooperation with Paradiso)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cinetol Tolstraat 182
1074 VM Amsterdam

In cooperation with Paradiso Stakbabber will present its second album in Cinetol.

Playlist Polarized

  1. Black Pony Buy 3:54
  2. Five fingers to the face Buy 3:17
  3. SPFCT Buy 3:52
  4. Steal Your Heart Buy 4:45
  5. Polarized Stakbabber Buy 3:50
  6. Energy Stakbabber Buy 4:06
  7. Lauterbrunnen Stakbabber Buy 3:41
  8. Endurance Stakbabber Buy 4:11
  9. Tour De Force Stakbabber Buy 3:02
  10. 90 Degrees Murder Stakbabber Buy 3:00


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